What am I supposed to do with the demo?

You have received a fully featured and functional demo of Reserve Analyst.

When you double click on the icon on your desktop the program will start and automatically open the Sample project for you to review.  In order to navigate in Reserve Analyst you use the View menu.  Just under the title bar of the program you will see the File, Edit, View, Web, Tools and Help menus.

Use the View menu to navigate to the Account Info, Component Data, Component List, Math and Report views of Reserve Analyst©.

In each of the views you may need to move or adjust the size and position of the windows to fit your computer screen.  Once you make these adjustments the program will automatically remember where you put them and they will be displayed for you the same way each time you return to that view.

The Component Data view and Math view consist of 2 windows.  In the Component Data view you will see the Asset Data window and the Asset Comments windows - these windows can float independently of each other but they are connected internally within the program.  In the Math view the Math Analysis dialog box controls what is displayed in the larger Math View window that contains the columns of numbers.

You are encouraged to open and review the Help files.  From the Help menu choose Open Help.  Under the Contents tab you will see the How To Instructions.  These Help files are organized by the View of the program.  Click on the + sign next to the topic to expand the view and then clinic on the individual pages to display the Help file for any specific feature you might need assistance with.

If you would like to take a demo 'drive' on the phone we can set this up with you at your convenience.  Call our toll free number 800-561-0173 to make your appointment or speak to us directly, we're happy to help.