The Report View step of your reserve study is the home stretch. Reserve Analyst© has many ‘whistles and bells’ for your report. One thing to keep in mind is that you can make your report as simple or sophisticated as you desire. For example, the Sample Report that we ship with the Demo only contains 34 component assets, however, with the number of report sections we include the report is a robust 78 pages. The Sample Report is designed to show you a well rounded view of what Reserve Analyst© has to offer for your reporting needs.


You have the option of only printing one section for your report or as many as you wish. Mix and match, it’s all up to you. Generally speaking, after you have decided on a funding plan you may choose to include the information in your report that reflects only the one funding option, this is common.


In the Report View you see two columns of report sections with check boxes. The report sections which have a check in the box indicate they will print in your report. You can check and uncheck the boxes next to the report sections to include, or not, that section in your report. You also have the ability to order your report any way you wish by simply highlighting and then dragging and dropping up or down, with your left mouse button, the report sections in the list.


Each report section has a multitude of options for its presentation. Many of the report sections can be made to report by category or by group, depending on how you entered your component assets. Many of the report sections also allow you to choose your funding model as the basis for that report section. Two basic report sections are the Funding Model Summary – Any Model as well as the Funding Model Projection – Any Model. You an include as many of these sections as you wish and attach the alternate funding models for your report in order to compare or contrast with your chosen, or recommended, funding method.


At any time during the set up of your report features you can use Print Preview to preview what the actual report will look like. You can do this as many times as you need to get your report they way you want it before printing. You have the option to print sections with color photos to an inkjet printer and the monochrome sections to a laser. Reserve Analyst© will print to any connected Window© printer. Optionally, you can also print to PDF if you also have a PDF writer installed on your computer such as Adobe Acrobat. Reserve Analyst© ships with a low cost alternative tool for a PDF writer that can be accessed on your full program CD in the Tools folder.


For information on the included ‘stock’ report sections and the full features for your Report View refer to Help > Open Help > How To Instructions > Report View > specific feature page. If you require additional assistance we are happy to assist. We encourage you to call our toll free number 800-561-0173.


We hope this guide, while simplified, has helped you understand the steps involved in preparing your reserve study using Reserve Analyst© software.